Latest news from Naked Security (2019/04/30)

Android users: watch out for this fake address bar trick

When is an address bar not an address bar? When it’s a fake.

Securing edge devices – how to keep the crooks out of your network

The Good Guys from the Cyber Threat Alliance just published a report to help you keep the Bad Guys out of your network

Docker breach of 190,000 users exposes lack of two-factor authentication

The containerisation platform has asked 190k users to change their passwords after hackers gained access to a database of personal data.

Facebook under investigation for harvesting 1.5m users’ contact lists

For years, Facebook asked some new users for email passwords, then grabbed their contacts without consent (or any way to stop the process).

Man posing as Hollywood superstar scams woman out of a ‘fortune’

She must have been star-struck, she said, after the fraudster hid behind the Fast & Furious star’s photo and reached out from a fan page.

Latest news from Naked Security (2019/04/29)

NIST tool boosts chances of finding dangerous software flaws

NIST thinks it has reached an important milestone in complex software testing with something called Combinatorial Coverage Measurement (CCM).

Cryptocurrency giants in $850m fraud allegations

The New York Attorney General has accused major cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex and cryptocurrency Tether of an $850m fraud.

Cops need warrant for both location history and phone pinging, says judge

It’s one of the first location data privacy cases to grapple with the warrant and surveillance implications of the Carpenter decision.

Piracy streaming apps are stuffed with malware

Researchers have found that hackers are exploiting vulnerable piracy streaming devices to steal credit card data or rope them into botnets.

Monday review – the hot 17 stories of the week

From DNS over HTTPS to Microsoft’s expiration policy – and everything in between. It’s weekly roundup time.

Latest news from Naked Security (2019/04/26)

NSA asks to end mass phone surveillance

The NSA has asked the White House to end its mass phone surveillance program because the work involved outweighs its intelligence value.

Fingerprint glitch in passports swapped left and right hands

And just who, exactly, is going to pay for new passports if it’s necessary? Danish police are chatting with Kube Data about that.

Microsoft drops password expiration from Windows 10 security

Microsoft has recognised that users don’t actually change their passwords when prompted, they just tweak them. And that doesn’t help anyone.

Cops can try suspect’s fingers on locked iPhones found at crime scene

A Massachusetts federal district judge gave cops a warrant to force-unlock iPhones with the suspect’s fingers.