Latest news from Naked Security (2018/03/26)

Police use dead man’s fingers to try to unlock his iPhone

In the first known instance of this technique, police tried using a dead man’s fingerprints to get past the protection of Apple’s Touch ID.

Shodan and passwords sitting in a tree, S-H-O-W-I-N-G!

If an application offers authentication security, it’s always a good idea to turn it on if that isn’t the default setting.

Craigslist personals, some subreddits yanked after passage of FOSTA

Congress overwhelmingly approved a bill that guts Section 230, the law that protects sites from being held liable for user-posted content.

Monday review – the hot 20 stories of the week

From the Facebook fallout and their loss of 50 million users’ data to Siri leaking your private iPhone messages, and more!

Crooks infiltrate Google Play with malware in QR reading utilities

They got Google’s “Play Protect” approval for a number of apps that were fronts for a barrage of aggressive ads.

Latest news from Naked Security (2018/03/23)

The bug that made free money

What would you do if you found a bug that could create money out of thin air?

AMD announces Ryzen patch timeline as disclosure controversy rages

Has an unknown Israeli company called CTS Labs tried to exploit worries over microprocessor flaws for financial gain?

Beware the fake Facebook sirens that flirt you into sextortion

Fake hot-babe profiles are working together as “feeders,” “bait” and “hunters” in order to lure men into sex chats that lead to extortion.

New whistleblower says Facebook turned a blind eye to covert data harvesting

Sandy Parakilas, formerly responsible for policing data breaches, said ignorance was bliss and assumed to protect Facebook from liability.

Latest news from Naked Security (2018/03/22)

How Siri leaks your private iPhone messages, and how to stop her

A Brazilian Mac magazine found how to bypass your iPhone lockscreen via Siri – so here’s how to stop her reading messages she shouldn’t.

Mozilla stops Facebook advertising, demands privacy changes

It’s probably not top of Mark Zuckerberg’s worry list this week but Mozilla, developer of browser Firefox, is officially unhappy with Facebook.

The password to your IoT device is just a Google search away

Researchers at Ben-Gurion University were often able to find default passwords in under 30 minutes with a simple Google search.

880,000 payment cards affected in travel company data breach

Orbitz believes crooks may have gotten at customers’ names, addresses, dates of birth, and more.