Latest news from Naked Security (2018/04/13)

Instagram bends to GDPR – a “download everything” tool is coming

The tool will let you get at your photos, videos and messages

Interview: Sarah Jamie Lewis, Executive Director of the Open Privacy Research Society

An interview with Sarah Jamie Lewis, Executive Director of the Open Privacy Research Society, a new privacy advocacy and research non-profit based in Vancouver, Canada.

Fake Hillary porn just the tip of Russia’s Reddit penetration

How Russian trolls embraced rule 34 (but Redditors didn’t buy it)

Facebook shines a little light on ‘shadow profiles’

Shadow… what now?

Latest news from Naked Security (2018/04/12)

Update now! Microsoft’s April 2018 Patch Tuesday – 65 vulns, 24 critical

Here’s what you need to know about the April 2018 Patch Tuesday updates…

Congress chews up Zuckerberg, day two: A far more thorough mastication

“What’s the difference between Facebook and J. Edgar Hoover?”

Death SWAT suspect tweets threats from jail using buggy inmate kiosk

He apparently got online when a jail kiosk software upgrade glitched. Alternatively, as his account explained it, because “I’m an eGod.”

3 critical Flash vulnerabilities patched. Update now!

Cybercriminals love that you run Flash. Don’t.

Latest news from Naked Security (2018/04/11)

Back to the future! 1990s Windows File Manager! NOW OPEN SOURCE!

You can now build the 1990s Microsoft Windows “File Manager” app for Windows 10. But why? BECAUSE YOU CAN!

Steve Wozniak explains why he deactivated his Facebook account

As his 5,000 Facebook friends are about to find out, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has well and truly left the building.

Congress grills Zuckerberg, day one: How does this online stuff work?

On Tuesday, senators began their questioning of the virgin-to-Congressional-grilling, Mark Zuckerberg.

How ODNS keeps your browsing habits secret

“Oblivious DNS” keeps your DNS traffic private without retooling the internet