Latest news from Naked Security (2020/03/06)

5 tips for working safely from home

Don’t let teleworking due to concerns over the coronavirus (Covid-19) put your cybersecurity health at risk….

Run ANDROID on an iPhone? Are you SERIOUS?!?

It’s true – Android on an iPhone. OK, a few things don’t work yet… such as sound. And the phone bit.

Researcher finds 670 Microsoft subdomains vulnerable to takeover

Researchers have found it’s still child’s play to hijack subdomains from companies such as Microsoft to use in phishing and malware attacks.

Chrome extension cons cryptocurrency users out of hardware wallet key

Ledger has warned users about a rogue Chrome extension that duped users into giving up the keys to their hardware crypto wallets.

Cathay Pacific fined over crooks slurping its database for over 4 years

The ICO found a “catalog of errors,” including backups without passwords, unpatched servers, no-longer-supported OSes and feeble anti-virus.

Boots yanks loyalty card payouts after 150K accounts get stuffed

The UK pharmacy chain says it wasn’t hacked, its systems are fine. It’s all the password reusers mucking things up again!