Latest news from Naked Security (2020/03/05)

Coronavirus warning spreads computer virus

There’s an attachment that you are “strongly recommended to read” on account of coronavirus infections in your area. Don’t open it!

Facebook: No, we are not killing Libra

Facebook denies that it’s cringing away from its virtual currency plans due to the fact that regulators loathe it.

Ethical hackers swarm Pentagon websites

Hackers are crawling all over the US Department of Defense’s websites – and DoD officials are quite happy about the whole thing.

Google launches FuzzBench service to benchmark fuzzing tools

Google has announced FuzzBench, a free service “for painlessly evaluating fuzzers in a reproducible way.”

Zynga faces class action suit over massive Words With Friends hack

It’s charging subpar password security and lousy user notification: Zynga has yet to notify users to warn them of the breach, the suit says.