Latest news from Naked Security (2020/02/26)

Apple’s iOS pasteboard leaks location data to spy apps

A developer has discovered that malicious apps could exploit the pasteboard to work out a user’s location.

LTE vulnerability allows impersonation of other mobile devices

Researchers have found a way to impersonate mobile devices on 4G and 5G mobile networks, and are calling on operators and standards bodies to fix the flaw that caused it.

Switch to Signal for encrypted messaging, EC tells staff

Formerly preferred diplomatic app WhatsApp apparently isn’t up to snuff.

Taking a GPS tracker off your car isn’t ‘theft,’ court rules

This line of thinking could get absurd, Indiana’s supreme court declared. How do you “steal” something if you don’t know who owns it?

Mystery zero-day in Chrome – update now!

When a bug’s a zero-day that means it’s being actively exploited. So don’t delay, just patch today!