Latest news from Naked Security (2019/11/29)

Netflix account freeze – don’t click, it’s a scam!

The telltale signs are all there… but if you’re in a hurry, this Netflix scam passes the “visual appeal” test.

US tightens rules on drone use in policy update

When it comes to managing drones (Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or UAS) the US Department of Justice wants Americans to know it’s on the case.

Adobe’s Magento Marketplace suffers data breach

Adobe’s Magento Marketplace has suffered a data breach, the company has said in an email sent to customers.

Pressure mounts for federal privacy law with second bill

Pressure is gathering for a federal privacy law in the US with the introduction of a second bill that would protect consumer data.

Master Go player retires citing AI supremacy

Master Go player Lee Se-dol has handed in his stones after deciding that there’s just no way to beat a machine when playing the ancient Chinese board game.

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