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S2 Ep 13: Weird Android zero day and other tech fails – Naked Security podcast

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Pen testers find mystery black box connected to ship’s engines

It had an Ethernet connection to the ship LAN but was also connected to a Windows console on the bridge which was so bright at night the crew had covered it up. The assumption had been that it was meant to be there.

Robotic hand solves Rubik’s Cube by learning how to learn about it

The system figured out how to overcome little hurdles, like being nudged by a stuffed giraffe when trying to do important robot work.

Hackers hack card details from BriansClub carding site

They stole 26 million credit cards from the massive black market site, and now financial institutions are ensuring the cards can’t be abused.

Adobe fixes 46 critical bugs in patchfest

Adobe patched a total of 82 vulnerabilities across a range of products on Tuesday, including 46 critical bugs.