Latest news from Naked Security (2019/10/16)

Food writer Jack Monroe loses at least £5,000 in SIM-swap fraud

Her accounts were drained in spite of using 2FA, showing that SIM swaps can still circumvent what’s a good security tool.

Pitney Bowes and Groupe M6 join ransomware’s victim list

Two more large organisations find themselves struggling after a ransomware attack…

Microsoft lets Xbox users censor what messages they see

Xbox gamers: fed up with seeing profanity in messages from other gamers? Microsoft has you covered.

#FacebookLockout: Users who report fake/scam accounts locked out

Users report bad accounts, got presented with a request to verify ID, couldn’t upload said ID, and got frozen out.

Watch out for this latest LinkedIn phish that’s ‘sent’ by a friend

We recently showed you how crooks rip off social networking passwords – here’s what they do with stolen accounts.