Latest news from Naked Security (2019/09/23)

Google pulls more fake adblockers from Chrome Web Store

Google has again been reprimanded for not spotting fake extensions impersonating popular brands in its Chrome Web Store.

Investors accuse FedEx of lying, stock dumping after NotPetya attack

This is the second such suit, with shareholders asking why execs sold $40m+ of their shares while downplaying the ransomware attack.

Could EarEcho change the way we authenticate our phones?

Researchers have discovered a way to use wireless earbuds as a biometric authentication system.

Two charged with tech-support scamming the elderly for $10m

The tech-support scammers were allegedly part of a network of crooks in the US and India who conned about 7,500 victims.

WannaCry – and why it never went away

WannaCry still hasn’t died out, more than two years after the original attack. We went live to find out why…

Monday review – the hot 22 stories of the week

From the Simjacker phone hack to IBM’s cloud-based quantum computer – and everything in between. It’s the weekly security roundup.