Latest news from Naked Security (2019/09/19)

Air Force to offer up a satellite to hackers at Defcon 2020

This year, the Air Force presented vetted hackers with a plane’s subsystem, which they duly tore up. Next year, it will be a satellite.

Researchers find 737 million medical images exposed on the internet

Of the 2,300 archiving systems looked at, 590 were accessible from the internet, exposing 24 million medical records from 52 countries.

US files suit against Snowden to keep book profits out of his hands

The government, alleging that Snowden violated NDAs with the CIA and NSA, isn’t looking to stop the book’s publication or distribution.

S2 Ep9: DDoSes, privacy and network hacks – Naked Security Podcast

The latest Naked Security Podcast is live – listen now!

No surprises in the top 25 most dangerous software errors

An in-depth study of reported bugs has produced a list of the top 25 bug categories in software today – with some old familiar names topping the list.