Latest news from Naked Security (2019/09/12)

S2 Ep8: Facebook leak, $5m ransoms, DNS angst – Naked Security Podcast

The latest Naked Security Podcast is live – listen now!

September 2019’s Patch Tuesday: 2 zero-days, 17 critical bugs

Sometimes, a Patch Tuesday update arrives with a bang that sends users scrambling for cover – September’s update earns that description.

Massive email fraud bust snares 281 suspects

Operation reWired=tired cops worldwide! 167 suspects were cuffed in Nigeria and 74 in the US, among 8 other countries.

Google experiments with DNS-over-HTTP in Chrome

Following hot on Mozilla’s trail, Google officially announced its own DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) experiment in Chrome this week.

Error-laden phone location data suspended from use in Danish courts

10,700 cases will be reviewed over 2 months, and 32 detainees have already been released after finding bugs in software and raw telecom data.