Latest news from Naked Security (2019/09/05)

Raspberry Pi blasted into space, sends back video of Earth

Got a Pi? Here’s a cool project idea for you…

Scammers deepfake CEO’s voice to talk underling into $243,000 transfer

The voice had the hint of a German accent and the same “melody” that an employee recognized in his boss’s voice.

Firefox won’t follow Chrome’s anti-ad-blocker changes, says Mozilla

Mozilla has told developers not to fret – it won’t follow Google in tweaking its browser to be unfriendly to ad blocking software.

Android gets September update as price of flaws soars

When is a security update not a security update? When it’s patching flaws in a version of an OS nobody beyond developers is yet running.

Author of record-setting IoT botnets pleads guilty

He kept working on new botnets (and swatting a co-conspirator-cum-competitor) while indicted and on supervised release.

S2 Ep7: iPhone attack, Twitter hack and Android bots – Naked Security Podcast

Episode 7 of the Naked Security podcast is available now!

Facebook loses control of key used to sign Android app

What should be a private key used to vouch for the ‘Free Basics by Facebook’ app was used to sign unrelated apps.