Latest news from Naked Security (2019/08/30)

Sophisticated iPhone hacking went unnoticed for over two years

Compromised iPhones were turned into surveillance tools capable of recording the owner’s entire digital life.

Botnet targets set-top boxes using Android OS

Production systems aren’t supposed to have the ADB turned on, but some set-top boxes do.

Facebook: ‘Technical error’ let strangers into Messenger Kids chats

It won’t happen again, Facebook told senators who wondered how well it’s handling kids’ privacy in the chat app abhorred by kids advocates.

Apple apologizes for humans listening to Siri clips, changes policy

Apple is turning off automatic review of Siri audio and locking it down so that only Apple employees get to listen to it.

Google warns of system-controlling Chrome bug

Google is patching a serious bug in the desktop version of its Chrome browser that could let an attacker take over a computer simply by luring them to a website.