Latest news from Naked Security (2019/08/15)

S2 Ep4: iPhone holes, Android malware and romance scams – Naked Security Podcast

Episode 4 of the Naked Security Podcast is now live – listen now!

Serious flaws in six printer brands discovered, fixed

There are many ways to compromise company data, but IT teams often overlook one of the most serious: the humble printer.

‘NULL’ license plate gets security researcher $12K in tickets

The vanity plate sounded good in theory: maybe it would make his plate invisible to ALPR systems?!

Hacking forum spills rival’s 321,000 member database

When users of hacking forums turn on each other, expect things to get messy quickly.

Facebook got humans to listen in on some Messenger voice chats

Facebook says it’s paused the practice of collecting voice clips and sending them to employees to transcribe and analyze.