Latest news from Naked Security (2019/08/08)

Update your iPhone – remote control holes revealed by researchers

You might not think your phone is as exposed as an internet server – but it’s handling plenty of untrusted data from unknown sources!

Twitter may have shared your data with its ad partners without your permission

Some user data, such as country and device type, was exposed to some advertisers for over a year.

Cisco 220 Series Smart Switch owners told to apply urgent patch

Businesses running any of Cisco’s 220 Series Smart Switches have some urgent patching work on their hands.

More than 2m AT&T phones illegally unlocked by bribed insiders

The alleged, now indicted ringleader paid more than $1m in bribes to insiders who planted malware and hardware for remote unlocking.

S2 Ep3: Ransomware, surveillance and data theft – Naked Security Podcast

Episode 3 of the podcast is now live. This week, host Anna Brading is joined by Paul Ducklin, Mark Stockley and Ben Jones.

Microsoft puts another nail in VBScript coffin

Listen up, VBScript fans: your favourite scripting language’s days are numbered.