Latest news from Naked Security (2019/08/07)

Don’t let the crooks ‘borrow’ your home router as a hacking server

Crooks don’t have to break *into* your network to benefit – they can bounce *off* it so you take the blame and look like a hacker yourself.

Scammers recruiting money mules on dating sites is on the rise, says FBI

It’s no longer enough to be wary of flash-in-the-pan “lovers” who ask you to send money; now they’re asking you to open accounts for them.

Don’t fall for fake Equifax settlement sites, warns FTC

Equifictitious sites popped up within days of Equifax agreeing to pay up to $700m to settle claims over the 2017 data breach.

Banking PINs exposed in Monzo secure storage slip-up

When is a secure PIN not a secure PIN? When you accidentally store it in your log files.

Latest Android patches fix critical ‘QualPwn’ Wi-Fi flaws

The August 2019 security bulletin is out – and two of the critical flaws could allow an attacker to compromise the Android system kernel.