Latest news from Naked Security (2019/08/06)

Baldr malware unpicked with a little help from crooks’ bad opsec

New research from Sophos takes an exhaustive look at the Baldr password stealer.

NVIDIA patches high-severity bugs in Windows GPUs and SHIELD

NVIDIA has patched five bugs in its Windows GPU display driver, three of which could allow an attacker to execute code on the system.

Fake Dell support rep admits to talking US colleges out of $874,000

His victims: UCSD and a Pennsylvania university. He hid out in Kenya for nearly 8 months before being nabbed.

GitHub ‘encourages’ hacking, says lawsuit following Capital One breach

The class action charges Capital One and GitHub, charging it with being “friendly” (at least) toward hacking and for the hackers’ posts.

Attackers ransom bookseller’s exposed MongoDB database

Another database has fallen to extortion hackers, this time containing 2.1 million records belonging to Mexican bookseller, Librería Porrúa.