Latest news from Naked Security (2019/08/02)

S2 Ep2: EvilGnome, leaky browser add-ons and BlueKeep – Naked Security Podcast

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Space agency uses Raspberry Pi to solve satellite encryption puzzle

The European Space Agency thinks it’s found a cheaper way to control a small module – and it’s built around a tiny Raspberry Pi Zero.

Club Penguin Rewritten breach caused by rogue admin backdoor

The hugely popular gaming site Club Penguin Rewritten suffered a data breach that exposed 4m user accounts.

Anime filter glitches, exposing face of one extremely smart vlogger

Pretending to be a hot young thing brought in beaucoup bucks. Last laugh department: “world’s best granny” now has more followers than ever.

Facebook is working on mind-reading

The completely non-evil-genius goal: a wearable, noninvasive device that could translate thoughts into text, for the speech impaired or VR.