Latest news from Naked Security (2019/07/09)

Backdoor discovered in Ruby strong_password library

An eagle-eyed developer has discovered a backdoor recently sneaked into a library (or ‘gem’) used by Ruby on Rails (RoR) web apps to check password strength.

Google suspends Trends emails after revealing murder suspect’s name

People subscribed to Google Trends in New Zealand were emailed the murder suspect’s name in violation of a New Zealand court’s order.

Firefox to include tracker blocking report feature

Mozilla has introduced a lot of tracker blocking protections into Firefox lately. Now, it is planning a new feature that will let you see how many online snoopers you’ve successfully evaded. A new feature called the Tracking Protections Panel (aka the Protection Report) will tell users how many trackers Firefox blocked in the prior week, […]

Apple aims privacy billboard at Google’s controversial smart-city

It’s outside of Sidewalk Labs HQ in Toronto, where Google’s sister company is working on stuffing the city with data-collecting sensors.