Latest news from Naked Security (2019/07/05)

5 tips to stay secure on social media

Social media isn’t for everyone, but lots of us love it – so here’s how to be in it and win it.

OpenPGP experts targeted by long-feared ‘poisoning’ attack

Somebody out there has taken a big dislike to Robert J. Hansen (‘rjh’) and Daniel Kahn Gillmor (‘dkg’), two well-regarded experts in the specialised world of OpenPGP email encryption.

Bitcoin eats as much energy as Switzerland

That’s around seven gigawatts, equal to 0.21% of the world’s supply: as much power as generated by seven Dungeness nuclear power plants.

Mannequin Challenge videos teach computers to see

An internet craze could change the way computers see, thanks to research published by Google.

Deepfake revenge porn now a crime in Virginia

It’s the first state to enact a deepfakes ban, but it’s not going to be the last: laws are being considered in many other states.