Latest news from Naked Security (2019/07/04)

Why are they “smart” locks if more money buys you less security?

Smart locks are cool and useful – but they are also a great reminder that cybersecurity is all about value, not cost.

Open Sesame! Zipato’s smart hub hacked to open front doors

The Zipato controller has three critical security flaws which could be used together by hackers to open your home’s doors for you, according to researchers.

Facebook’s down-ranking those ‘miracle cure’ health posts we all hate

Clickbait health/nutrition posts will sink in page rankings due to two ranking updates, Facebook announced.

Facebook should put a stop to Libra for now, says Congress

Could Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency undermine the security of the global financial ecosystem?

TikTok investigated (again) over how it handles children’s data and safety

It’s already gotten hit with the biggest-ever US child privacy fine, and now it might be facing a fine for GDPR violations.