Latest news from Naked Security (2019/06/28)

$50 DeepNude app undresses women with a single click

“I’m not a voyeur, I’m a technology enthusiast,” says the creator, who combined deepfake AI with a need for cash to get ka-CHING!

Mozilla’s bizarre robo-surfer project demonstrates ad snooping

In an effort to show you how advertisers snoop on your surfing activity, Mozilla is offering you the chance to pretend that you’re someone else.

Google Maps shortcut turns into 100-car mud pie in farmer’s field

Trying to save 20 minutes, 100 drivers took a Google Maps shortcut… into a field, where the mud-stuck cars then caused a 2-hour delay.

Cryptocurrency phish dials back the fear, cranks up the politeness

Spammers and scammers are getting better at spelling and grammar – so make sure you aren’t relying on language alone to spot phishes…

Tesla 3 navigation system fooled with GPS spoofing

Cybersecurity researchers have fooled the Tesla Model 3’s automatic navigation system into rapidly braking and taking a wrong turn on the highway.