Latest news from Naked Security (2019/06/13)

Facebook keeps deepfake of Mark Zuckerberg

“Whoever controls the data, controls the future,” says the evil Zuck, who, according to the platform’s current policy, won’t be taken down.

Backpacker claims to find a network of hidden webcams in farm stay

In the bug repellent gizmo, in the shower, in the little birds glued to the footboard—all hiding webcams, alleges the Dutch backpacker.

Vim devs fix system-pwning text editor bug

Diehard text editor users everywhere breathed a sigh of relief this week as the open source community fixed a bug in one of the most venerable *nix programs: Vim.

Microsoft’s battle with SandboxEscaper zero days turns into grim Groundhog Day

Why is SandboxEscaper releasing vulnerabilities in such an irresponsible way? It matters not – Microsoft must patch what’s in front of it whatever the backstory.

Critical Adobe Flash player bug and more in June’s Patch Tuesday

June patch Tuesday features fixes from Adobe and Microsoft for critical flaws including a remote code vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player.

FBI warns users to be wary of phishing sites abusing HTTPS

Why you shouldn’t trust a website simply because it’s secured using HTTPS and backed by the green padlock symbol.

Radiohead releases ‘OK Computer’ sessions that hacker tried to ransom

The band shrugged off the threat and released the files on Bandcamp. They’re long and not very interesting, they said.

Hackers stole photos of travelers and license plates from subcontractor

Critics say if the US can’t protect such data – which was improperly stored by a subcontractor – it shouldn’t collect it.