Latest news from Naked Security (2019/06/10)

Microsoft warns of time-travelling equation exploit – are you safe?

An Office bug that was squashed back in 2017 is still in widespread use – make sure your computer hasn’t slipped through the patch cracks!

The GoldBrute botnet is trying to crack open 1.5 million RDP servers

Even its most optimistic users would have to concede that it’s been a bracing few weeks for anyone who relies on Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Cryptocurrency attack thwarted by npm team

Cryptocurrency users narrowly escaped losing all their funds last week after an attacker poisoned a digital wallet with malicious code that stole their blockchain access details.

Laptops used in 2016 NC poll to be examined by feds – after 2.5 years

The e-voting vendor in North Carolina was spearphished days before the election but still went ahead and used remote access software.

Online shops fear 2FA at checkout will increase abandoned carts

A report says the EU will lose $64b per year once new 2FA rules go into effect, but we support Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) wholeheartedly.

Monday review – the hot 21 stories of the week

From the vulnerable Windows RDS ‘feature’ to the privacy of US visa applicants – and everything in between. It’s weekly roundup time.