Latest news from Naked Security (2019/05/21)

Deep Packet Inspection a threat to net neutrality, say campaigners

Europe’s biggest ISPs and mobile operators are accused of undermining net neutrality rules and user privacy with their use of DPI.

Amnesty sues maker of Pegasus, the spyware let in by WhatsApp zero day

Amnesty International, which was sent the Pegasus spyware via a WhatsApp message, is seeking to stop NSO Group’s “web of surveillance.”

Rats leave the sinking ship as hackers’ forum gets hacked

The OGUsers forum, which trades in hijacked social accounts, has been hacked, its hard drives wiped, and its user database published online.

WordPress plugin sees second serious security bug in six weeks

Researchers have uncovered another serious bug in WP Live Chat that could lead to the mass compromise of websites.