Latest news from Naked Security (2019/05/10)

Chrome browser pushes SameSite cookie security overhaul

Slowly but steadily, developers are being given the tools with which to tame the promiscuous and often insecure world of the browser cookie.

275m personal records swiped from exposed MongoDB database

Records included not only the individuals’ name and email address but also their employment history, salary, and phone number.

FTC renews call for single federal privacy law

It also wants to be the country’s data-privacy police: commissioners called for more resources and ability to impose penalties.

Airbnb Superhost’s creepy spycam sniffed out by sleuthing infosec pro

Why motion sensors in the bedrooms, she wondered? Why the extra light and weird wiring on the router?

Sextortion mail from yourself? It doesn’t mean you’ve been hacked…

Here’s a 30-second video you can show your friends and family if they freak out after receiving a scam email apparently from themselves…