Latest news from Naked Security (2019/03/28)

“Twitter 2007 multicolor” hoax – debunk it, don’t spread it!

Hoaxers are saying you can unlock colorful new “features” in Twitter, but you’ll probably lock yourself out instead.

Is your e-commerce site being used to test stolen card data?

If you’re running Magento you should be on the look out for hackers testing stolen card data – it could get your PayPal account suspended.

Spyware app exposes private photos, hosting provider steps in

A hosting company has taken down a database owned by a mobile spying app after it was found displaying phone owners’ intimate images online.

Broadband providers told to explain how they handle consumer data

The FTC launched a broad inquiry to find out what data they collect, why, who they share it with, and how consumers can change or delete it.

Firefox brings Lockbox password manager to Android’s autofill

All your saved Firefox passwords, now happily inserting themselves into your Android-verse!