Latest news from Naked Security (2019/03/22)

BitLocker hacked? Disk encryption – and why you still need it [VIDEO]

Is BitLocker cracked? Is disk encryption still worth it? The answers are “No” and “Yes”, and here’s why.

Microsoft Windows 7 patch warns of coming patchocalypse

Microsoft has issued a patch to remind Windows 7 users that they’ll soon have no patches.

Sacked IT guy annihilates 23 of his ex-employer’s AWS servers

He was fired after four weeks, ripped off the credentials of former colleague “Speedy”, and will be mulling it all over for two years in jail.

Spycam sex videos of 1,600 motel guests sold to paying subscribers

1,600 guests were filmed with hidden webcams that livestreamed the action. The site also sold videos.

Scammer pleads guilty to fleecing Facebook and Google of $121m

Large, worldly tech companies would never fall for a wire transfer invoice scam, would they?

Change your Facebook password now!

Facebook has done an audit and shocked even itself by finding plaintext passwords in logfiles back to 2012. Change your password now!