Latest news from Naked Security (2019/03/15)

Sextortion – what’s new, and what to do [VIDEO]

Share this video with your less tech-savvy friends and family to set their minds at rest about sextortion.

You left WHAT on that USB drive?!

Nudies, taxes, and memos – oh, my! Research shows that even if we think we’ve deleted content on the sticks, we’re leaving all that and more.

Ep. 023 – Facebook promises and Google Chrome patches [PODCAST]

Here’s the latest Naked Security podcast – listen now, and tell your friends and colleagues about us, too!

Facebook outage coincides with (or causes?) 3m new Telegram users

A worldwide, nearly day-long outage at Facebook led to Telegram having a busy, busy day.

How to make DuckDuckGo your default Chrome search engine

Good news for the privacy-conscious. Chrome 73, released Tuesday, now includes the DuckDuckGo search engine as an option.

Will the next version of Android get location privacy right?

Google has confirmed that improved control over location tracking is one of several new privacy features in the next version of its mobile OS, Android Q.

Serious Security: What we can all learn from #PiDay

Pi Day isn’t just about circles or special numbers – there are some cybersecurity lessons in there, too, and here they are…