Latest news from Naked Security (2019/03/12)

Facebook sues developers over data-scraping quizzes

Downloaded by 63K users, the quizzes promised answers to questions such as “What kind of dog are you according to your zodiac sign?”

Study throws security shade on freelance and student programmers

A recent study shows that if you aren’t prepared to ask or pay for security, you probably won’t get it.

Citrix admits attackers breached its network – what we know

On Friday, software giant Citrix issued a short statement admitting that hackers recently managed to get inside its internal network. According to a statement by chief information security officer Stan Black, the company was told of the attack by the FBI on 6 March, since when it had established that attackers had taken “business documents” […]

Email list-cleaning site may have leaked up to 2 billion records

The number of records exposed online by email list-cleaning service may be far higher than originally anticipated.

John Oliver bombards the FCC with anti-robocall robocall campaign

The Last Week Tonight host launched an anti-robocalling robocalling campaign to force the FCC to put a stop to the pervasive, irritating calls.