Latest news from Naked Security (2019/03/06)

Google reveals BuggyCow macOS security flaw

Google’s Project Zero researchers have revealed a “high severity” macOS security flaw nicknamed ‘BuggyCow’ which Apple appears to be in no rush to patch.

Leaky ski helmet speakers expose conversations and data

Chips 2.0 speakers are the perfect accessory for any on-trend skier. There’s just one problem: Everyone else can listen in too.

Google Photos disables sharing on Android TV

Two models of Android TVs showed a stream of strangers’ Google accounts, along with profile pics, though not the actual photos.

Ep. 022 – Plaintext passwords, cryptocoin criminality and the Momo monstrosity [PODCAST]

Here’s the latest episode of the Naked Security podcast – listen now!

Facebook criticised for misuse of phone numbers provided for security

Facebook admits it’s using numbers supplied for 2FA for more than security, and you can’t turn it off.