Latest news from Naked Security (2019/03/01)

The Momo Challenge urban legend – what on earth is going on?

Why you shouldn’t worry about the Momo Challenge, and what we can learn from it.

Data-tracking Chrome flaw triggered by viewing PDFs

Researchers have spotted an unusual ‘trackware’ attack triggered by a viewing a PDF inside the Chrome browser.

For sale: iPhone hacking tool, one previous (not very careful) owner

At $100, the old-gen iPhone encryption-cracking tools are a bargain to hackers looking to pick up leftover forensics or police Wi-Fi data.

Disgruntled dev blames crypto-wallet for losing cryptocoins

Warith Al Maawali is blaming wallet vendor Coinomi for the loss of $65,000 in bitcoin. Coinomi countered by blaming him for blackmail.

Dow Jones Watchlist of risky businesses exposed on public server

A company with access to the Dow Jones Watchlist of risky people and businesses left it on a public AWS server without a password.

The “Momo challenge” – why it’s time to stop the hype [VIDEO]

What’s the real deal with the “Momo challenge”?