Latest news from Naked Security (2019/02/27)

Ep.021 – Leaked calls, a social media virus and passwords exposed [PODCAST]

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Nvidia patches eight security flaws in graphics products

Chip maker Nvidia has released a security update, fixing eight CVE flaws in its Windows and Linux graphics display drivers.

Researchers break e-signatures in 22 common PDF viewers

Researchers have discovered a flaw in some PDF document viewers that allows new content to be added to documents without breaking the electronic signatures.

Police bust their own radio shop manager for dodgy software updates

Police allege that he updated radios with fraudulent software from a radio enthusiast who allegedly hacked encrypted radios for drug cartels.

Millions of utilities customers’ passwords stored in plain text

Plain-text, unencrypted passwords were sent instead of having users reset them. There was no breach, the firm claims, but how would it know?