Latest news from Naked Security (2019/02/21)

Password managers leaking data in memory, but you should still use one

Several popular password managers appear to do a weak job at scrubbing passwords from memory once they are no longer being used.

Hacker Lauri Love denied bid to get computers back

Hacker Lauri Love has failed to get his computers back six years after UK’s National Crime Agency took them as part of a criminal investigation.

Sorry, we didn’t mean to keep that secret microphone a secret, says Google

It’s been off by default, Google says – not much consolation to those who don’t cotton to the notion of a “secret” listening gadget.

Facebook hoax? Can you sniff out gas station card skimmers using Bluetooth?

A viral post suggests (wrongly) that card skimmers always use Bluetooth. Anyway, just looking at nearby Bluetooth names doesn’t help much…