Latest news from Naked Security (2019/02/20)

Ep. 020 – Leaky containers, careless coders and risky USB cables [PODCAST]

Here’s the latest Naked Security podcast… enjoy!

Virus attack! Hackers unleash social media worm after bug report ignored

Is it ok to launch a benign proof of concept that you know will go wide, to bring a flaw to people’s attention, or should you stay quiet?

Facebook tracks users it thinks may harm its employees

Threat makers are sometimes geolocated to determine how credible their threats are, as in, are they near enough to really attack?

Google’s working on stopping sites from blocking Incognito mode

Google Chrome’s Incognito mode hasn’t been an impenetrable privacy shield: For years, it’s been a snap for web developers to detect when Chrome users are browsing in private mode and to block site visitors who use it. Now it looks like Google plans to close that loophole.

Facebook flaw could have allowed an attacker to hijack accounts

The CSRF bypass flaw has now been fixed, and the researcher who discovered it has netted $25,000.