Latest news from Naked Security (2019/01/30)

Matrix under the microscope: what a niche ransomware can teach us

The malware middle ground is full of journeymen, wallflowers and also-rans that’ll bite you hard, if you let them.

Sophos Home’s been updated, and it’s got some cool new features

There’s a new version of Sophos Home out today, and it comes with a whole host of new features.

Privilege escalation vulnerability uncovered in Microsoft Exchange

A researcher has discovered an alarming way that an attacker controlling a Microsoft Exchange mailbox account could potentially elevate their privileges to become a Domain Administrator.

Firefox makes it easier for users to dodge ad-trackers

Firefox has introduced a new set of controls to make it easier for privacy-conscious users to protect themselves from online ad trackers.

It’s mop-up time for WebStresser DDoS-for-hire users

Cops from 14 countries are seeking to inflict a bit of distributed denial-of-freedom to whoever’s behind 6 million around-the-globe attacks.

Scammers steal social media videos to wring hearts and wallets

They’re putting up fake accounts to bilk the tender-hearted for donations, using the images of a real 5-year-old with real cerebral palsey.