Latest news from Naked Security (2018/07/03)

Tool scrubs hidden tracking data from printed documents

Just because a document isn’t digital doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain metadata. Printed documents often have their own hidden details, and now German researchers have developed tools to help you scrub them clean.

Immigrant identity thief and ICE lawyer gets four years

A former high-ranking lawyer at US Immigration and Customs Enforcement is going to jail for four years after stealing the identities of US immigrants.

Facebook gave certain companies special access to customer data

What do, Nissan, Spotify, and Nike have in common? They were all afforded temporary extensions to access private Facebook data API.

Typeform data breach hits thousands of survey accounts

Survey company Typeform has admitted suffering a breach caused by attackers downloading a “partial backup” of its customer data.

Fake Bitcoin exchange traps drug dealers on the dark web

You never know who you’ll meet on the dark web. In the case of one money laundering operation, it turned out to be Homeland Security agents.