Latest news from Naked Security (2018/07/06)

Linux experts are crap at passwords!

Last week’s megastory was the Gentoo breach that saw an entire online Linux code repository hacked – now we know how it happened…

Chrome and Firefox pull history-stealing browser extension

An extension used by about two million people has been pulled by Chrome and Firefox after it was found exfiltrating browsing data.

Employee allegedly stole government spyware and hid it under his bed

Spyware that’s supposed to be sold to governments was stolen and hidden under a mattress while it was offered for sale on the dark web.

The Pirate Bay is plundering your CPU for cryptocash, again

The Pirate Bay seems to have returned to mining cryptocurrency in its visitors’ browsers without asking.

Are cybercrooks watching you copy and paste? [VIDEO]

The clipboard is an obvious “place of interest” ‘for cybercrooks – it’s where you copy text that’s hard to type, such as passwords!

SIM card in bird’s GPS tracker used to rack up $2,700 phone bill

Researchers assumed the bird was dead when its GPS signal stopped moving. A few weeks later the team received a giant phone bill.

Latest news from Naked Security (2018/07/05)

Your smartphone can watch you if it wants to, study finds

Internet users have grown used to the idea that they can be tracked and profiled as they browse the web, but what about the specific risks of smartphones?

Serious Security: How to cut-and-paste your way to Bitcoin riches

Malware that steals cryptocurrency doesn’t need to crack passwords, read wallets, copy private keys, or even have a network connection…

Tor-linked nonprofit raided by police

They were after the authors behind a blog calling for violent protests but didn’t even bother with the authors’ email provider.

7-year-old’s avatar sexually assaulted on “family-friendly” Roblox

Her shocked mother grabbed screenshots that show her daughter’s avatar knocked flat and an unambiguous animation of a penis.

Latest news from Naked Security (2018/07/04)

Want to beat facial recognition? Join the Insane Clown Posse

The black and white clown makeup worn by the rap duo and their fans fools facial recognition.

Elderly scam victims are too embarrassed to speak up

Financial talk itself is taboo. Admitting to getting fleeced and losing all your savings? That qualifies as super taboo, a new report says.

Samsung phones sending photos to contacts without permission

At least two Samsung smartphone models have reportedly spontaneously started sending photographs to contacts without being asked to do so.

Facebook accidentally unblocks people

It’s fixed now, thankfully: be it airheads who post baloney or stalkers, all blocked users deserve to STAY blocked.

Someone else is reading your Gmails

Remember when privacy advocates used to worry about Google scanning your email? Well now, they have another problem on their hands: real people reading them.