Latest news from Naked Security (2018/06/29)

Facebook and Google accused of manipulating us with “dark patterns”

Privacy advocates are concerned that tech giants are using design patterns that discourage us from exercising our rights to privacy.

Linux distro hacked on GitHub, “all code considered compromised”

Gentoo Linux has been hacked, with “all code considered compromised” on GitHub – fortunately, the master repository is safe.

The Ticketmaster breach – what happened and what to do

40,000 Ticketmaster customers in the UK and beyond were definitely affected – for the rest of us, maybe change that password anyway…

Windows 10 security can be bypassed by Settings page weakness

The file type used by Windows 10’s settings page can be used to trick Windows into running files it’s supposed to block.

Latest news from Naked Security (2018/06/28)

OMG! I just received someone else’s security camera footage!

The opposite of serendipity – a security camera service sent video alerts to the wrong user… who just happened to be a BBC staffer.

Are you happy with this technology that Facebook’s developing?

New patents suggest Facebook’s going to soon know when you’re asleep, when you’re awake, and is going to have a good guess at when you’re going to die.

US legislators put industrial control system security on the map

After a spate of attacks on industrial control systems (ICS), the US this week officially recognized the need to secure them with a new bill.

Twitter introduces another way for you to better secure your account

Twitter has added the ability to authenticate to the service using hardware tokens such as Yubico’s YubiKey.

Latest news from Naked Security (2018/06/27)

WPA3 is here but how will it make Wi-Fi more secure?

New Wi-Fi security standards don’t come along very often but the Wi-Fi Alliance has just formally launched one, Wi-Fi Protected Access 3, or WPA3.

Man travels across world to attack online friend, shot by girl’s mum

She somehow allowed an online “friend” to get hold of her address – with a tragic outcome.

US authorities now need warrant for your cellphone location data

Privacy activists scored a legal victory this week after the Supreme Court ruled it unlawful for law enforcement and federal agencies to access cellphone location records without a warrant.

Woman ruined, sent death threats after #PermitPatty shaming video goes viral

The latest subject in a string of online shaming incidents was scrabbling to make amends this week as her business life fell apart and the death threats flooded in.

“Safer hops for email” – EFF’s plan to cut down on email snooping

STARTTLS is the email command that switches into encrypted mode. EFF just announced “STARTTLS Everyhere” to get everyone on board…

Mozilla tests new Firefox Privacy Monitor tool

Mozilla’s enthusiasm for Troy Hunt’s Have I Been Pwned? service has cranked up a level with the news it plans to integrate its breach checking into a new tool called Privacy Monitor.