Latest news from Naked Security (2018/05/01)

Google Maps open redirect flaw abused by scammers

A bug in Google Maps has turned it into a better URL shortener for crooks than

Twitter sold user data to Cambridge Analytica’s Aleksandr Kogan

The admission is part of an effort to explain how unlike Facebook Twitter is.

Surveillance watchdog learns that old domains never die

Keep your old domains, forever.

The hacker who broke into jail and had to stay for 7 years

Konrads Voits, who hacked his way into the county jail’s network to try and get his friend early release, is sentenced to 7 years in jail.

“SamSam” ransomware – a mean old dog with a nasty new trick

Ransomware is still about “pay up or your files get the chop.” But the crooks are learning how to squeeze you for larger sums of money…