Latest news from Naked Security (2018/04/24)

Can a commercial VPN really keep you anonymous? [VIDEO]

Are VPNs about privacy, about anonymity, or about both?

Google Project Zero pulls the rug out from under Microsoft (again)

Google goes public with Windows 10 S bypass flaw after Microsoft misses another patching deadline

Yahoo mega-breach hacker faces nearly 8 years in prison

The hacker exposed half a billion Yahoo accounts on behalf of Russia’s FSB

LinkedIn patches serious leak in its AutoFill plugin

Anyone could have drained their users’ LinkedIn profile data

Is scraping files from a Freedom of Information website ‘hacking’?

A teen is being charged for downloading 7k records, 250 of which weren’t properly redacted. Who’s to blame?

Monday review – the hot 21 stories of the week

From the employee from hell busted by VPN and why ‘remote detonator’ is a bad Wi-Fi network name to how the NSA beats 0-days, and more!