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Lenovoís ThinkPad 13 lets you choose between Windows 10 or Chrome OS
(theverge.com / 03-01-2016)
Lenovo might be the worldís largest PC maker, but it started offering Chromebooks nearly two years ago. Today at CES itís expanding its offering with a new ThinkPad-branded Chromebook. This time around you can pick between Chrome OS and Windows 10. Thatís unusual for a Chromebook, but the two models arenít exactly identical.

Lenovo is using the same internals for both its Chrome OS and Windows models here, but the keyboard and ports vary significantly. That means you canít pick just one model and run Chrome OS or Windows 10 on it, or even dual-boot both operating systems. Thatís disappointing, but itís largely because of the different policies both Microsoft and Google have on hardware for their software.

Both models will ship with Intelís latest Core i5 processors, up to 16GB of RAM, and up to 512GB of storage. Thatís more than enough for these low-cost laptops. While the Chrome OS model has a stripped down keyboard designed for Googleís OS, the Windows version also includes the familiar red TrackPoint pointing stick. Lenovo told me they canít put the pointing stick on the Chrome OS version because Google has a strict set of hardware rules for Chromebooks.

Other differences include a HDMI port on the Windows model, three USB ports, and a new USB Type-C connector. The Chrome OS version only includes one USB port, but it has two Type-C. Price is also another difference between the two. While the Windows version will arrive in April for $449, the Chrome model doesnít launch until June and itís priced at $399.

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